Report on EELLL 2023

The Environmental Education and Lifelong Learning 2023 (EELLL 2023) Global Conference was held virtually from October 16th to October 17th, 2023, with participants and esteemed speakers from around the world. The conference aimed to foster real-world engagement, drive systemic changes in environmental education legislation, and encourage cross-sector collaboration.

The theme of the conference was: Environmental Education and Lifelong Learning: Awareness to Action ‘23. The key objectives of the conference were to focus on engaging participants in real-world environmental issues, emphasizing the relevance of classroom education to global environmental challenges; initiate discussions on the need for comprehensive and systemic environmental education legislation, with a strong emphasis on increased funding for national-level grants, educator training, research initiatives and then to encourage collaboration among academia, NGOs, civil society, private and public sectors, and global regions, recognizing the diverse and interconnected nature of environmental issues.

EELLL 2023 attracted participants and speakers from a wide range of countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Canada, Philippines, USA, Germany, and many more. This diverse representation contributed to the rich global perspective shared during the conference. The conference also featured distinguished speakers from academia, NGOs, civil society, and various sectors.

Their expertise and insights added significant value to the discussions. Also, the conference underscored the importance of environmental education in equipping students to tackle complex global environmental challenges. It emphasized the role of education in nurturing creative problem solvers and advocates for the environment.

EELLL 2023 stressed the need for systemic and substantive changes in environmental education legislation. Participants highlighted the importance of increased funding for national-level grants, educator training, and research initiatives. The conference successfully facilitated discussions among diverse sectors. It encouraged partnerships and collaboration beyond the education community, recognizing that environmental challenges require a multi-faceted approach. The conference brought together participants from around the world, fostering a global perspective on environmental education. The exchange of ideas and experiences from different regions enriched the discourse. EELLL 2023 marked a vital step towards realizing the vision of creating a cleaner and safer environment in Africa and worldwide.