Thank you for your interest in submitting a speaking proposal for The EELL 2023

Speaking opportunities are limited; therefore, submit your application as soon as possible. Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. We will contact you once they are received and processed.

Do not forget to submit also a speaker high resolution color picture in jpg or PDF. Applications will NOT be processed until a speaker color picture is received.

About the Presentation You may submit up to 2 proposals

Speaker presentations should be educational, based on experience, relevant to a professional audience and able to be substantiated. They should not be a sales pitch or a sales-oriented presentation.

All sessions will be held in English as this will be the official languages to release all information about Speakers and their presentations.

Speakers should provide all information and materials to properly release and promote The EELL 2023 Conference program.

Presentations should be in PowerPoint and submitted to The EELL 2023 45 days prior to the event. Speakers should be ready for testing at least 30 minutes in advance of his/her session at the designated session room.

Once included in the official program, Speakers are committed to attend and perform at The EELL 2023. Speakers who by any unforeseen event are not able to attend must notify The EELL 2023 immediately in writing. Replacement Speakers may be suggested but must be ap-proved by The EELL 2023. The EELL 2023 reserves the right to modify or cancel any session based on a change in Speaker.

The EELL 2023 assumes full and exclusive rights to presentations given by Speakers at the conference including the right to record, film, edit, market and sell them at and after the event. Speaker warrants and represents that he/she is or will be the owner or have copyrights to any materials which he or she will be presenting at The EELL 2023. Speaker represents that he/she has expressed written permission to use any audio/visual materials, images, accounts, quotations or likeness of any copyrighted images to be used in his/her presentation and/or provided to The EELL 2023 for distribution before, during and after the event.

The EELL 2023 reserves the right to modify the event’s program schedule at any time.

Should you need to contact us with any question before submitting your proposal please email it to speaker@env-edu-learning.org including your contact phone number. We will get back to you shortly.